Korean Garden is founded by the previous owners of Young Bin Kwan (formerly known as VIP) which was located in the shopping center of Chippenham Square for the past 18 years. The newly located restaurant specializes in Korean BBQ entrees where the short ribs are grilled over wood charcoal rather than gasoline fire to bring about the smokey taste. Korean Garden focuses on introducing to their customers a glimpse of the Korean culture by having waitresses wear the traditional Korean dresses called "hanbok" and carefully selecting authentic Korean dishes to their menu. Korean food are known for their healthy ingredients and each freshly prepared entree comes with up to 8 different side dishes (varying from day to day).
Each side dishes are specially seasoned and include items such as: "kimchi" (spicy, fermented cabbage), cubed radish, bean sprouts, cucumber kimchi, spinach, tofu, potato, and eggs. We have individual salon rooms for those who want to dine with some privacy and we also have large party rooms for special gatherings. (Reservations for guests more than 8 is recommended.) There are individual buttons located near each table which calls the servers to their table when the button is pressed. This allows the customers to get attention when needed, instead of being bothered too much or not getting enough service during their meal.

After you have finished with your meal or even while you are waiting for your meal, you can take a short walk to the end of the restaurant to find a door to Young Bin Market where you can find all sorts of Asian grocery items. The owners wanted to provide a "dine and shop" environment all under one roof to enhance the exposure to Korean culture.